Fun Cards

A C.J. Barrymore’s rechargeable Fun Card is all you need to have a great time! With a simple card swipe you can ride, play, redeem prizes, eat, drink, and have fun. No more cash, coins, or tickets to carry around. 

Swipe, Have Fun, Repeat!

Buy or recharge your Fun Card at the service counter or at one of the self-service kiosks. You can buy one card to share or get one card for each member of your group/family. Your first card is free, additional cards are $1 each. 

You can load any amount of cash on your Fun Card. However, you can get the best bonus cash deals when you load $25, $50, or $100 on your card.

how it works

  • Cash is loaded on to your card when you purchase a new card or recharge your current one
  • When you swipe your card, the price of the game, ride or food/beverage is automatically deducted from the balance on your card
  • There are two types of cash on your card – CASH and BONUS CASH
    • CASH can be used anywhere in the park, on rides, attractions, arcade games, and to buy food and beverages
    • BONUS CASH is the same as CASH except it cannot be used to buy food or beverages, or promotions

Fun Cards cannot be used to purchase promotions or specials. 

Unused Fun Cards can be used to purchase regular priced wristbands. Any Bonus Cash on the Fun Card will be forfeited.

Fun Cards purchased through Groupon cannot be used to purchase wristbands.

What are Points?

  • Points mean prizes in the arcade!
  • Points are the same as the old-style tickets
  • Points are automatically applied to your card as you win them on games
  • Your points never expire. Redeem them for prizes in the arcade store or save them up for a bigger ticket prize

FUN CARD registration

Your card will never expire, so register it on our website to protect your cash and points balances. Keep your card and reuse it every time you visit the park.

gift cards

Give the gift of fun with a C.J. Barrymore’s Fun Card. 

fun card terms & conditions

Ferris Wheel now open!

Day or night the view is sure to be spectacular from our new 110 ft. tall Ferris Wheel!

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