Outdoor Entertainment


Ferris Wheel: COMING 2019! Enjoy the landscape of our 25 acre park on our 110ft tall Ferris Wheel! Day or night the view is sure to be spectacular! Must be 48″ tall to ride or 40″ plus with adult.

Drop Tower: COMING 2019! A true “free-fall” experience! Our 130′ tall drop is not for the weak at heart. Must be 44″ tall to ride.

Saddle Sling: COMING 2019! Fly High! A smooth ride that “launches” you more than 120′ straight in to the air! Must be 48″ tall to ride.

Spinning Coaster: COMING 2019! Fun for the whole family! This coaster features a unique figure eight track design with free spinning vehicles for a one of a kind ride! Must be 48″ tall to ride or 40″ plus with adult.

Miniature Golf: NEWLY RENOVATED Two 18 hole courses decorated with castles, waterfalls and rivers. Beautifully landscaped and maintained. Ages 4 to 84 can play! Must be 40″ tall to play.

Soaring Eagle Zipline:  120 foot tall attraction. Fast, smooth, exciting and over 650 feet long with just the right amount of scary. Must be 42″ tall to ride.

Loop Roller Coaster: New, short, fast and fun with a 360 degree loop that scares you like the big coasters. Must be 56″ tall or 50″ plus with adult.

Grand Prix Track: A high speed banked multi curved track that inspires fast and furious racing. Must be 58” tall to drive.

Indy Track: A road course layout with tunnels and bridges. A  black & white guardrail adds to the flavor of real racing. Must be 58” tall to drive.

Turbo Track: High speed racing on a polished concrete track with tight turns and exciting karts. Must be 54” tall to drive.

Double Karts: Little kids experience the thrill of the big tracks. Available on Grand Prix and Indy Track. Designed for an adult with a child. Driver must be 16 yrs. old and child 40″ tall.

Bumper Boats: A beautiful pond with great landscaping. 12 boats fight and bump for position to fire squirt guns and blast their friends. One and two seaters available. Must be 46”  tall to operate. Riders must be 40″ tall.

Batting Cages: Little leaguers and softball players practice before their games. It features 7 cages including fast & slow pitch softball, as well as fast and slow pitch hardball (35-75mph). 25 pitches. Must be 40″ tall to use.

Rock Climbing: Race to the top of our 32 ft. tall rock wall tower! 8 climbing routes. Must be 40” tall.

Eurobungy: This is a high quality sport apparatus that catapults you 25 feet high with multiple somersault turns. Must be 44” tall. Must be physically fit. See signs for restrictions.

Driving Range: Large bucket approx. 85 balls. Med. bucket approx. 55 balls. 40 stall grass areas. 2 target greens, practice putting green, lighted. Open 362.

5 Outdoor Private Patios: Tent covered patios for any size gathering, corporate, family, showers, rehearsals etc. 20 to 1200. Contact group sales for information.

C.J. Barrymore’s Packages

Best Deals
$50.00=$65.00 in Fun Cards
$100.00=$140.00 in Fun Cards
Arcade priced separately
Bonus cash not good for food and beverage

Indoor Entertainment


Arcade: 100 great games in over 10k sq. ft. Large redemption store with hundreds of prizes. Dark Escape, Halo Fireteam Raven, Injustice, Jurassic Park, Star Wars Battlepod, Typhoon, Walking Dead, NBA Hoops, Space Invaders, Stinky Feet, TMNT, Whac a Mole, Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz, Face Place Photo Studio.

XD Dark Ride: This 8 seat theater uses full motion seats with an interactive 3D shooting gallery to take you and your friends on an adrenaline charged fighting journey.

Bumper Cars: Indoor electric cars surrounded with giant tubes, perfect for bumping. Black lights, flashing strobes and thumping music will add to the fun. Must be 44” tall.

Bowling: AMF regulation lanes featuring 4- and 6-lane private party rooms. Cool, relaxed atmosphere with hi-definition TV’s and big screens. Must be 40″ tall to bowl.

Miniature Bowling: Highway 66, the world’s leading mini bowling attraction. It’s fast, exciting and compact. No special shoes needed, small ball fits bowlers of all ages and skill levels. The perfect room for a private event. Must be 40″ tall to bowl.

Laser Tag: Teams fight through the fog, black lights, pylons, dazzling lights and thundering sound system to blast their opponents. Must be 40” tall to play.

Golf Dome: Large bucket approx. 85 balls. Med. bucket approx. 55 balls. Indoor Double deck Mat T-Line. Practice putting green, simulator. Open 362.

C.J.’s Golf Learning Center: Learn golf with year round instruction. Contact pro Dan Rusek 586-489-9666, for appointments.

Concession Stand: Looking for a delicious quick snack? Wide array of food and beverages sure to please!

Restaurant: Neighborhood atmosphere, big screen TV’s, great pizza, wings, salads, all sporting events, 40ft. bar, seats 100.

Pricing Info

Drop Tower1 Ride$8.00
Saddle Sling1 Ride$10.00
Ferris Wheel1 Ride$7.00
Spinning Coaster1 Ride$7.00
Soaring Eagle Zipline1 Ride$8.00
Loop Roller Coaster1 Ride$8.00
Grand Prix Track1 Ride$8.00
Indy Track1 Ride$8.00
Turbo Track1 Ride$7.00
Double Karts (With Child)1 Ride$8.00
Miniature Golf18 Holes$8.00
Driving Range & Golf DomeMed. Bucket$7.00
Driving Range & Golf DomeLarge Bucket$9.00
Golf Simulator1 Hour$24.00
Laser Tag1 Game$7.00
Bumper Boats1 Ride$7.00
Double Boats (With Child)1 Ride$8.00
Bumper Cars1 Ride$7.00
Rock Climbing1 Climb$7.00
Bowling1 Game$4.00
BowlingShoes Rental$3.00
Miniature Bowling1 Game$4.00
Eurobungy1 Ride$7.00
XD Dark Ride1 Game$7.00
Batting Cages25 Pitches$3.00